domenica 4 novembre 2012


Il tempo non era dei migliori ma la pioggia ci ha concesso un momento di tregua e quindi un brunch a Villa Pamphili, a me e le mie bionde, non ce l'ha tolto nessuno!

Me: Sweater - Sandro/ Pants - Zara/ Trench - h&m/ Bag - Chanel
Yaya:  Sweater - Vintage/ Pants - Zara/ Bag - Prada
photo what yaya did

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  2. Im in love with this post!!! That is such a cool sweater...and the food.... everything looks so beautiful :D

  3. The place looks so cute, perfect for a brunch with the girls! Love the flowers on the table and of course the food - everything looks delicious!

  4. Great pics!